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Species Accounts

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Please note that this is a continuing project. Twenty-six species accounts are currently completed; one-quarter of species currently identified on campus. These include the Cajeput Tree Melaleuca quinquenerviaCalifornia Sycamore Platanus racemosa, Camphor Tree Cinnamomum camphora, Carob Tree Ceratonia siliquaChinese Pistache Pistachia chinensis, Coast Live Oak Quercus agrifoliaCoast Redwood Sequoia sempervirens, Cork Oak Quercus suber, Crape Myrtle Lagerstroemia indicaDeodar Cedar Cedrus deodoraEastern Redbud Cercis canadensis, Evergreen Pear Pyrus kawakamiiFern Pine Afrocarpus gracilior, Ginkgo Ginkgo bilobaGoldenrain Tree Koelreuteria paniculata, Incense Cedar Calocedrus decurrensItalian Cypress Cupressus sempervirens, Japanese Pittosporum Pittosporum tobira, Loquat Eriobotrya japonica, Olive Olea europaeaSilk Floss Tree Ceiba speciosa, Southern Live Oak Quercus virginiana, Strawberry Tree Arbutus unedo, Sweetgum Liquidambar styracifluaVictorian Box Pittosporum undulatum, and Wilga Geijera parviflora.

Six of these tree species have further information on their insect associations for the interested observer.