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Welcome to the University of Redlands tree website!

Established in Fall of 2016, this multidisciplinary project supports the University of Redlands as a “Tree Campus USA” and more fully connects our students and the community with the rich tree biodiversity on campus.

Currently 1429 trees have been mapped and 104 different tree species have been identified. More trees will be mapped and possibly more species identified as this project continues across the campus. QR tags are affixed to representatives of each species. Scanning these codes bring users to student created webpages with detailed species account information.

How to interact with campus Tree Tags

Step 1: Locate a Tree Tag

Metal tags may be found on the trunk of certain trees across the campus.

Step 2: Scan Tree Tag

Scan the tag using a QR code reader app on a smart phone. Need an app? Here are some suggestions.

Step 3: View the Web Page

Scanning a Tree Tag will open a web page with detailed information about the species.