Video Transcripts

Transcript in Teams

In teams when a meeting is recorded a user can go to Microsoft Stream can access closed captioning and see the transcript.

1) After the meeting is completed, the recoding will show up in the meeting channel in the meeting’s conversation. The length of the video will affect how soon it is visible in the conversation and how long it takes to create a transcript.

2. When the system is done processing the video completely you can click on the video and will have the option to have Closed Captioning as you watch. If this does not show up it means the video is still processing the transcript. Please return after a few minutes to the video.


3. To see the transcript and, if you have rights, edit the transcript, go to the video in the conversation select the more options.


4. From the more option select the Open in Microsoft Stream


5. This will open a webpage with the video and transcript

   a. Here the user can search for words in the transcript

   b. Edit the transcript by selecting the pencil

    i. Choosing the line to edit,

    ii. Changing the text and select save