Video Chat

Video chat is available in "Chat""Teams" and "Calendar".

You can only record within a Teams Channel.

Chat Function 

Choose the "New Chat" icon and locate the individual or individuals you'd like to have video chat with and select. 

Once in the chat start conversation, then choose the "Video Call" icon. 

Teams Function 

  1. Locate the Teams Channel you wish to have a "Video Chat" with and click the video icon at the bottom of the chat feature. 
    Capture 2.PNG
  2. Give your discussion a name or topic and click Meet Now.
    Capture 3.PNG
  3. Invite others to join the conversation by clicking Ask to Join next to their name.
    Capture 4.PNG
  4. You can also record the discussion. The session once completed will add the video file to the Teams Group. 
    Teams 4.PNG

Calendar Function 

1. Select the "Calendar" icon, scroll to the right and create "New Meeting"

2. Add meeting details: title, recipients date and press save.