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Working Remotely Redlands

The University of Redlands is closely monitoring the impact that COVID-19, or Coronavirus 19, is having on our institution. 

Updated campus information regarding Coronavirus can be found on the Coronavirus Resources site.

Our Information Technology Services (ITS) team has developed infrastructure to support teaching and learning continuity in the event of disruption to normal campus operations. A summary of resources is available on the Academic Continuity Plan web page.

Faculty members are encouraged to prepare contingency plans that allow them to continue their teaching and research in the event of a range of scenarios, whether disruptions occur due to COVID-19 or other factors. Training is available to support planning and operations; an appointment can be booked through Instructional Support.

Working Remotely Information

ITS is prepared to provide additional support and resources to ensure that you can remain connected to the UoR network while being off campus. 

Please join the ongoing discussion on Microsoft Teams regarding working remotely by joining the Redlands Remote Team

ITS has hosted training sessions on Teams, Jabber, SharePoint, OneDrive, and other tools to help improve your work both during this period of working remotely and when we return to camp. To join the training and see what offerings we have please bookmark our online training site: Online Training

Please contact Tech Support for any assistance with VPN/Jabber/DUO/Webex/SharePoint/Moodle, etc...

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Remote access to various resources does not always require a VPN connection. Some resources that do not need a VPN connection such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, WebEx, and Office 365 are available to faculty, staff and administrators.  For more information, please contact

If you are working from home and need access to your work computer, department file shares or other files on campus, you should use an approved, secure virtual private network (VPN) to connect to your files, work computer and other resources on the UoR network. A VPN is an application on your device that establishes a secure connection from your device to the campus network. VPN access can be requested using this VPN Remote Access Request form. Please be sure to read the University's Remote Access Policy

Once you have submitted your approved VPN request, you will need to download the Global Protect client. As a reminder, the link to download the Global Protect client will only work from off campus and will not work while connected to the campus network. 

Access Your Phone/Voicemail/Jabber

Even when you are away from the office, there are several options for accessing your calls and voicemail.

You can access your voicemail by dialing your direct line and pressing * when the voicemail answers. Enter your ID (extension number) when prompted and then your voicemail password when promoted. For More information on the phone system, click here.

Jabber is soft-phone application that you can setup on a mobile device or workstation and use it as an extension of your existing desk phone. You can download Jabber from the Google Play/App store for most mobile devices. For Windows and Mac clients, you can use the install files from the Phone/Jabber SharePoint site or from the files uploaded to the Jabber channel in the Files section within the Redlands Remote Team site. 

Collaborate Online

Microsoft Teams, the successor to Microsoft Skype for Business, is a unified communications platform combining modern online meeting technology with enterprise level persistent chat, Video chat, screen sharing, file storage and collaboration, and application integration. It combines modern online meeting technology with persistent chat (similar to Slack), file storage, and collaboration. The full functionality of teams is available to faculty, students, staff and administrators, but anyone you invite can join a Teams meeting. To get started you can log in to Microsoft Teams from your web browser or download the Teams app from Microsoft.​​​​​​​ Don't forget to join the ongoing discussion on Microsoft Teams regarding working remotely by joining the Redlands Remote Team

Duo Two Factor Authentication 

You will need to set up Duo Two Factor Authentication on more than one phone in case you don't have your mobile phone with you or are not near your office phone. When you are logging in, you can choose which line Duo will send the authentication request to (via smart phone app, SMS text message, or phone call depending on what you chose).

Web-based video conferencing

WebEx allows users to video chat and screen share. This is great for video and audio conferencing, mobile collaboration, and online meetings. The University of Redlands has an enterprise license to use for all faculty, students, administrators and staff.