Teams Backgrounds

1. When in a meeting on the menu bar select the More actions icon

2. In the menu that pops up select Show background effect

3. This opens the Background settings menu. Here there are multiple predefined backgrounds to choose from or uploading your own (see step 5).

4. Choose the background that you would like and select Apply to set it as your background.

5. If none of the predefined backgrounds work for you, you can upload your own. Images used for backgrounds should meet these requirements:
Minimum size: 360 by 360 px
Maximum size: 2048 by 2048 px
File type: jpeg, png, bmp
Aspect ratio: Grater then 4

6. In the Background settings menu select Add new.

7. This will open your file selection menu. Navigate to the image you want to use, choose it, and then click the Open button so save it to the system.

8. The new image appears on the bottom of the possible images. Scroll through the images, choose the newly uploaded image, then select Apply to apply the image.