Collaboration in Teams

You can share Office 365 documents in Teams so that groups can collaborate and edit the documents.

  1. Navigate to your Team and the channel you would like to put the file
  2. Once in the channel navigate to the Files tab.
  3. Here you can either Upload a file you have already created or create a New Office 365


To Upload a file you have already created, select on the Upload button and navigate to the file you want.

New File

  1. To create a New file select the New button, you will then be given a dropdown option for the Office 365 suite programs.
  2. Select the type of document you would like to make
  3. Provide a Name for the document and select Create.
  4. This will create the file that is ready to be edited.
  5. To return to the file page select the back button
  6. The new file will show up in the Files list

You can direct the students to the file by posting on the Chat with a link to the file or add the file as a Tab.

Posting in the Chat

  1. To Post go to the correct channel message board and select the attachment icon
  2. Select Browse Teams and Channels

  3. This will lead you to your current channel’s files. Where you select the file you want to add and then select Share a link.

  4. This adds a link to the file into the dialogue box. You can then type an response and create the post.

Posting to Tab

  1. To add the file as a tab select the add button at the top of the channel.
  2. From the Add a tab select the type of file you created and want to add. Note: you can not create a file from this option.
  3. This opens a dialogue box where you can name the tab, select the file, have a post on the channel about it.
  4. This creates a tab for students to easily access the file to edit.