Canvas is the campus learning management system (LMS), used by instructors and students as the online hub of instructional activity. Instructors use it to organize and present class materials, assign and view homework, assess submissions, provide grades, and communicate with their students. Students use it to manage their course requirements, find course materials, submit homework, assess their course progress, and communicate with instructors and classmates about course assignments and requirements. Canvas can be used to supplement in-person lectures, or to manage blended/hybrid or fully online courses. It is hosted in the cloud, and works comfortably on mobile devices.

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SpeedGrader - for grading quizzes and assignments within Canvas. 

What is SpeedGrader? ( Canvas vendor documentation)

How do you use SpeedGrader? (Canvas vendor documentation)

Avoiding data loss when multiple graders use SpeedGrader

Can I see a history of grade changes in the gradebook?

How to weight items in Canvas? (In Assignments)

How to drop lowest score in a group? (In Assignments)


Additional Guide - Instructor & Mobile