University of Redlands LMS Requirements 

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  Pedagogical Requirements
1 Multiple language support
2 Accessibility
3 Plagiarism detection tool
4 E-Portfolio
5 Connectivity to a program assessment tool
6 Program content repository
7 Live Chat capability
8 Calendaring/reminders options
9 Adaptive release (of content)
10 Polls/surveys
11 Coding questions that employ calculations or logic
12 Math or coding question banks (eg: codeboard)
13 Advanced options for group work, assignments & peer review and feedback
14 Connectivity between classes and assessment collections (assignment and/or evaluations performed in course site sent to assessment site; & compatibility with present assessment tools)
15 Video: ability to add streaming, create desktop videos etc
16 Web conferencing: compatibility with Webex/Zoom etc
17 Guest access options to external users (non-campus users) Viewing or limited access only
18 Attendance keeping
19 Fieldwork hours tracking (SOE)
20 Video recording archiving capabilities
21 System that allows grading and providing feedback to students' papers within the system, the extra step of downloading papers would be removed
22 Merge multiple sections of the course
23 Compatibility for cloud storage – one-drive/office 365/other cloud options
24 Social Media integration
25 Gamification features
  Technical Requirements 
1 Single sign-on & SSL support
2 Data & course migration
3 Interface customization (branding etc)
4 Full compatibility & realtime integration with Ellucian Colleague
5 LTI integration (access to external tools/links)
6 Mobile device access, & Mobile App provided
7  Enhanced analytics and usage reports
8 User training and documentation 
9 Integration with the library (digital) resources (run jQuery scripts to run Library modules)
10 24/7 technical support
11 Hosted/SaaS model
12 Compatibility with existing data, templates, interactives, and add-ons