Zoom Integration

Zoom is intigrated with Canvas allowing you to easly and quickly set up Zoom meetings from your Canvas course. These meetings can then be started or joined from Canvas.

Video Instructions

Text Instructions

  1. First makesure that the Zoom button is located on your left navigation.
    1. On the left course navigation scroll to the bottom to the Settings button and click it
      Settings button on the left corse navigation
    2. Choose the Navigation tab
      settings menu with navigation highlighted
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the links that have been disabled and find Zoom
      Hiden item menu with a arrow pointing to the Zoom button
    4. Click on the three dots on the right side of the Zoom option and select Enable
      three dots on the Zoom link with the Enable option highlighted
    5. This will bring the Zoom link to the bottom of the enabled navigation items, drag the link to the location you would like it to be.
    6. Save your changes
      save button
  2.  Go to the Zoom interface by clicking on the Zoom button in the left course navigation.
    Zoom buttong on the left navigation with Zoom highlighted
  3.  Here you will see any meeting scheduled for the course.
  4. You can Schedule a New Meeting using the Schedule a New Meeting button in the upper right of the screen
    the schedule a new meeting link on the right side of the page highlighted
    1. Doing this will open the Zoom meeting scheduling tool and you can fill it out just like a regular Zoom meeting
  5. Once a meeting is schedule it will apear on the Upcoming Meeting page.
    1. You can start the meeting by pressing the Start button
      Zoom meeting list with the Start button highlighted
    2. You can cancel the meeting by pressing the Delete button
      Zoom meeting list with the Delete button highlighted
    3. Students will see a Join option on this page
      student view of the Zoom page, with Join button highlighted