Grading Schemes

Grading schemes translate the student's percentage score to another grade scale. This could be an Alpha scale (A-F) or a GPA scale (4.0). To add a scale to your course:


Text instructions

  1.  Go to your course Settings
  2. On the Course Details screen scroll to the Grade Scheme optiongrade scheme.jpg
  3. Once the option to Enable course grading scheme is selected a dropdown menu will apear with the precreated scheme.Enabled course grading scheme selected with a dropdown menu under
  4. From the dropdown menu select the scheme you want to use.scheme drop down menu with 4.0 Scheme highlighted
  5. The scheme will not be previewed for your review. But you can select the View/Edit button
    view edit button
  6. This would produce a pop-up with a preview of the scheme.
    4.0 scheme, going from 4.0 to 0 with different percentages for each 0.3 points