To create Breakout Groups in WebEx

Go to and sign in.

  1. Select WebEx Training on the left menu at the bottom

  1. There are two options: "Schedule Training" or "Instant Session"

Training Session 

1. Using Schedule Meeting, complete the form by scheduling the topic. Choose conference settings, preference - Mute attendees upon entry. Choose date and time as well as occurrence. 


2. You can include all attendees here or just your own email and then forward the meeting invite to all the attendees.You can create the breakout sessions while scheduling the meeting or assign them later. Add presenters and choose from the list of optional features - chat, poll etc. 

3. You can choose breakout session assignment settings, set number of sessions, and number of attendees per session or choose manual. You will also have the ability to select Breakout and create the breakout groups in meeting if you don't create pre - session.