Zoom Rooms

To enrich the educational environment at the University of Redlands, specific Marin campus rooms have been equipped as specialized Zoom Rooms. These purpose-built spaces are seamlessly integrated with Zoom Rooms software, enhancing the teaching and learning process.

Here's a video created by Zoom that provides an overview of Zoom Rooms and its features.

How are they Different than a Web conference enabled Room

While rooms with web conferencing capabilities permit instructors to link up with web conferencing platforms like Teams and Zoom via the room's computer, Zoom Rooms are purposefully crafted for effortless accessibility. Zoom Rooms incorporate a user-friendly touch panel control that simplifies the initiation and management of meetings.

Furthermore, the Zoom Room touch panel extends its functionality to interact with third-party applications like Teams, ensuring convenient access to your preferred tools.

Where are they?

Presently, Zoom Rooms are situated within the University of Redlands, precisely in Scott Hall at the Marin location. The designated rooms include:

  • Scott 101
  • Scott 102
  • Scott 103
  • Scott 202
  • Scott 203

To reserve a Zoom Room, kindly utilize our 25live scheduling system. If you intend to secure the room for your course's duration, collaborate with your department coordinator to arrange the scheduling of your course within the room.

How do I use Zoom Rooms

Zoom provides some easy steps to start meetings using the Zoom Room interface. (Note: all of these are on the same web page)

For printable guilds Zoom provides

Utilizing Canvas integration you have the option to directly schedule your meeting and commence it within a Zoom Room using the designated meeting ID

Video Resources

The videos below where filmed in the University of Redlands Zoom Rooms and can provide information on how to utilize the spaces.

Zoom Rooms - Basic

This video provides some basic information on Zoom Rooms

Zoom Meeting Screen Share

When you are in a Zoom Rooms meeting you, or your students, are able to share their screen with the class and those on the other end.

Camera Control

Some Zoom Rooms like Scott 101 have preset camera positions. The bellow video will provide you with information on how to use them.

Video Views

When using a Zoom room you can change how the students in the class and you see others in the Zoom meeting. The below video will show you how to change the view.

Calling Another Zoom Room

You can easly call another Zoom Room in the system. This can allow remote group disucssions between the Zoom Rooms.

Joining a Zoom Meeting

The below video goes over the process of joining a Zoom meeting schedule by another person.

Joining a teams Meeting

Zoom Rooms allow you to join Teams meetings with a few simple steps.

How do I get help

Reach out to tecsupport@redlands.edu to create a ticket