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Although Microsoft Teams is our primary online collaboration tool, ZOOM is also supported by the University of Redlands Information Technology Services for online meetings, classes, and webinars. Like Teams, Zoom can be used on computers as well as mobile devices.


What is Zoom, and why would I want to use it?


How do I get Zoom?

How do I Log in to Zoom from my web browser?

How do I Join a Meeting ? (video) 

Emergency Troubleshooting                                                        

Camera problems

Sound problems

How do I share my screen?

How do I share files in a Zoom meeting?

How do I share a video in a Zoom meeting?


The Security icon is visible only to hosts and co-hosts of Zoom Meetings, and is located on the bottom toolbar.

The Security icon provides easy access to several existing Zoom security features so you can more easily protect your meetings.

By clicking the Security icon, hosts and co-hosts can quickly:

  • Lock the meeting
  • Enable the Waiting Room (even if it's not already enabled)
  • Remove participants
  • Restrict participants' ability to share their screens, chat in a meeting, rename themselves, and annotate on the host's shared content.

Video: Zoom security basics


Hosts and co-hosts can create breakout rooms before or during a meeting.

More info:

Video: Managing breakout rooms