Video Forum Post - Video

This video will show you how to add a Kaltura to a video forum in Moodle.

Video Forum Post - Text

These instructions illustrate how to reply to a discussion forum using a desktop computer but the steps are the same when using a browser on a mobile device. You can create your video by recording in Photo Booth (Mac), the "Camera" app (Windows), or on your smartphone (if you have one). Remember where you saved the file. Then in the Moodle discussion forum:

  1. Depending on your instructor’s directions, either Add a New Discussion Topic or Reply to a topic.
    Add a New Discussion Topic - Arrow.PNG
  2. In your post add a Subject and then click on the Kaltura. Kaltura will open in a new window.
    Click on the Kaltura Icon - Arrow.PNG
      1. Note: If you do not see the Kaltura icon, you will need to click the Advanced button
        advanced button.jpg


  3. Click Add New to record or upload a video. If you previously uploaded a video, click Select and skip to step 12.
    Add New - Arrow.PNG Select - Arrow.PNG
  4. In the drop down select Media Upload
    media upload.jpg
  5. Ether Drag & Drop the file on the screen or select Choose a file to upload to navigate to the saved file.

    choose file.jpg


  6. Once selected your video will be processed by the system. On this scree you can change the Name of the video, add a Description and or tag to the video.



  7. When the upload has been processed the progress board will turn green.



  8. Select </> Save and Embed
    save and embed.jpg


  9. On the next window you will get a small preview of your video. Note: this may take a few seconds to load.



  10. Once previewed select
    Note: this button is under the preview video, and you might have to scroll down to view it.



  11. Once you select embed the Kaltura window will close and you will be back at your post. The post will now contain information that will show your video. Note: this will just look like text and not your actual video.



  12. Select Post to Forum to finish the forum post.



  13. Your video will now show in your topic or reply
    video post.jpg

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