What is Yammer?

Yammer is a social networking site that is focused on professional business and educational facilities. Similar to Facebook, while using Yammer new posts will appear on the main screen, also called the Newsfeed.

Yammer is a social networking tool supported by the University of Redlands. When accessing Yammer through U of R you know that your information is protected from anyone outside of the network. To log onto the U of R Yammer account, you must have a redlands.edu email address. The Redlands.edu email address will allow you to connect with faculty, staff, and students across all University of Redlands  campuses and colleges.

Use Yammer to create groups specific to your interest, topic, or class. Create a private instant message to communicate information that you may not want posted on your public newsfeed.  Share and collaborate on group files that can be made accessible to every member of your personal group.


  • Create private or public groups

  • Use hashtags to search for posts

  • Interconnected to your Office 365 account

  • Available free to everyone that has a redlands.edu address


  • Easily search for any person on the U of R Yammer site

  • Attach files to posts

  • Upload files, images, and videos to a repository

  • Each group has a private repository

  • Collaboratively create documents

  • Lockdown pages or allow as read only

  • Yammer has an app

  • Choose to receive notifications for new posts


Learn how Yammer works, and find out how to join the conversation or create a new Yammer account today!


How do I create an account? 



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