University of Redlands

Course Design Framework

We love instructional technologies and we hope you do too! Our team is dedicated to active learning, engagement, and finding ways to leverage new technologies to elevate the educational experience. Some of the recent educational tools we've used include:

  1. Canvas
  2. Teams
  3. Bookings
  4. Virtual Reality (Oculus)
  5. 3D Scanning and Printing
  6. BreakoutEDU
  7. Padlet
  8. ThingLink
  9. Poll Everywhere

Integrating technology tools with traditional pedagogy ensure that students become actively engaged with the material, driving further understanding, comprehension, and retention.

Canvas is a powerful Learning Management System (LMS) that enhances curriculum and ensures learning.

We encourage faculty to assign projects that tap into a student's creativity, intrinsic motivation, and engages their senses. Student-created media allows students to take ownership of the material to evolve into created works that support the learning process. This knowledge transfer is most effective because we can tap into Bloom's Taxonomy, working in the higher forms of learning where students can analyze and create. This can be applied across most disciplines. Projects might include:

  1. posters (data analysis)
  2. electronic presentations (data analysis)
  3. videos (public speaking)
  4. music recordings or podcasts (public speaking)
  5. images

By fostering creativity, students become more engaged and, subsequently, successful.

Additionally, we attend annual conferences such as Educause and Mira where we discover the latest strategies for integrating technologies in education. Educause focuses on educational technologies while Mira focuses on Makerspaces.

In this section you will find pertinent information that our instructional designer can work with instructors to integrate effective and innovative pedagogies and technologies into their curricula. The resources on these pages combine research-based practices, innovative techniques, and hands-on applications to encourage teaching enhancement and professional development. We hope you find these resources helpful to enhance your student's educational experiences.