The Framework Explained

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Content Knowledge: The subject matter being taught.


Pedagogical Knowledge: The tools or methodologies teachers use to instruct their students.


Technological knowledge:The digital tools teachers can use to make content accessible to students while supporting the pedagogical strategy used in instruction.


TP Knowledge: Deploy technology as a learning tool to make content more accessible.


TC Knowledge: Understand how technology supports ways of knowing content. (i.e. - simulations, manipulatives, etc.)


PC Knowledge: Dynamic integration of the facts, procedures, concepts, and organization of a topic to support the diverse needs of learners.


TPACK: The middle is where amazing things happen. When technical (T), pedagogical (P), and content (C) knowledge (K) combine. TPACK is the basis of effective teaching with technology, requiring an understanding of the representation of concepts using technologies; pedagogical techniques that use technologies in constructive ways to teach content; knowledge of what makes concepts difficult or easy to learn and how technology can help redress some of the problems that students face; knowledge of students’ prior knowledge and theories of epistemology; and knowledge of how technologies can be used to build on existing knowledge to develop new epistemologies or strengthen old ones” (Koehler & Mishra, 2009).

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