University of Redlands

10 Steps for Adding Polls and Presenting Using MS PowerPoint (Windows)

To prepare, make sure you have downloaded and installed the PowerPoint presentation software for Windows. You do this only once for each computer you use. We also recommend that you create your polls in the Poll Everywhere website and group them, so you are ready to insert your polls in PowerPoint.

If you are grading your polls, make sure that all students login to or the PE mobile app before starting and you have imported the students from Moodle into Poll Everywhere

  1. In your computer, open your PowerPoint presentation
  2. Click on the Poll Everywhere tab inside PowerPoint and log in using your UoR email address
  3. Select the slide right before where you would like to add the poll question. Click Insert Poll
  4. Select the poll(s) you would like to add. Click the Insert button.
    You will be able to see the question text in the Slide Notes area. You can also preview the poll by turning on presentation mode
  5. When finished, save your presentation
  6. When you are ready to present, make sure you are logged in the Poll Everywhere PowerPoint tab and turn on presentation mode
  7. Navigate the slides as you normally would. Each poll will automatically become active once it is open
  8. There are some icons on the right side of the poll slide, you can choose to make the poll inactive, hide results, lock the poll or reset the poll activity
  9. When finished presenting, close your PowerPoint file
  10. To see activity reports or export graded polls to Moodle, follow the export steps provided