Steps for Creating Polls


If you do not have an account, Request a Poll Everywhere account

  1. Go to
  2. Once you have received confirmation of account - Log-in with your email address
  3. Enter your email and assigned password. 

  4. Go to Activities
  5. Click the New Activity button to access the interface 
    new activity button
  6. Select the type of activity: Open-Ended, Multiple Choice, Ranking, Q&A, Ranking, or Clickable Image. For this how to we will choose Multiple Choice
    activity options
  7. Type the question text and answer choices. Add more answer choices if desired
    filling of the question
  8. You can enter additional poll questions. When finished, click the Create button at the bottom to save
    create button

Grouping your polls

Grouping helps you manage your activities.

  1. On your Activities page your activities will be ungrouped. Select all the activities you want grouped together.
    select activites
  2.  Then click on the New group button at the top of the page
    New Group button
  3. Name the New Group and click Create group
    name group