For more information about the gradebook, you can review the information bellow or read Moodle's Support documentation

Adding Categories

Categories help you organize your Moodle Gradebook.

  1. In the gradebook set up scroll to the bottom of the page and select Add Category.
    Add category
  2. Name the category and for a basic category keep the Aggregation as Natural
    name category and aggregation
  3. Select Save Changes
    save changes
  4. This will create the category at the bottom of your gradebook
    catigory in gradebook
  5. You can then add activities into the category when you create them or by moving them
    activities in catigory

Adding a Grade Item

Grade items can be used in Moodle for assignment or grades assessed outside of Moodle, such as participation.

  1. In the gradebook set up scroll to the bottom of the page and select Add Grade Item
    add grade item.png

  2. Name the grade Item
    item name.png
  3. Set the Maximum Grade and other features of the grade
    Max grade.png
  4. Select Save Changes
    save changes.png
  5. The new item will appear at the bottom of the grade book
    grade item final.png

Moving items and categories

In the gradebook you can move items and categories to arrange them as you would like.

  1. In the gradebook go to Setup.
  2. To move an individual item or category find the item and select the double headed arrow on the left.
    dubble headed arrow.png

  3. In the next page click on the box where you would like to move the item or category to
    sellect move.png

  4. This will refresh the page and move the item

  5. You can also move multiple items into categories by selecting the box on the right of the item.
    choose movement.png

  6. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and in the Move selected items to dropdown choose the location you want.choose catigory.png

Changing the Weight of Item or Category

In gradebook you can change the weight of an item or category to reflect the syllabus. Note: all weights in the system must equal to 100.

  1. Go to the gradebook

  2. Find the Item or Category you would like to change the weight of.
    Participation Category
  3. Select the box in the weight column
    Check Box highlighted
  4. This will activate the ability to edit the number in that box.
    number highlighted
  5. Change the number to the correct weight
    changed weight
  6. Press enter to update the weight. Note: this will recalculate other activity’s weight so the totals are 100.
    system adjusting

Changing the Grade on an Item

In Moodle you can manually change the grade on an item that has already been graded or follow these steps to manually grade an item.

  1. Go to the Grades
  2. Scroll to the assignment you would like to edit
    grade item.png
  3. Click on the pencil icon next to the assignment
  4. On the next page either select Override All to be able to change the grades for all students or select the override box next to the student you would like to change the grade on.
    override all.pngor
  5. In the Grade column enter the new grade for the assignment
    change grade.png
  6. When done click on Save to save the students grade

Extra Credit

You can set grade items as extra credit through the grade book.

  1. Navigate to the gradebook setup page
  2. Find the item you would like to make extra credit
    grade item choice.png
  3. Click on the Edit button
    edit button.png
  4. Select Edit Settings
    edit settings.png
  5. Scroll to the Parent Category section and select Extra credit
    parent category.png
  6. Select Save Changes
    save changes.png

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