Course Visibility

Change Visibility

Courses are hidden from student-view by default. This means that only you, as the instructor, can see the course. The enrolled students will not have access until you make the course visible. To check your Course Visibility settings:

  1. In your course, click the Gear icon (upper right).
  2. Click Edit Settings.
  3. In the General section, change the Course Visibility to Show.
  4. Click the Save and Display button at the bottom of the screen.

Check Participation

If your course is visible and a student still can't access your course, it could be because they are not enrolled. To check that the student is enrolled in Moodle:

  1. In your course, go to the Participants tab (left hand navigation menu).
  2. If the student does not appear, check your roster in Student Planning
  3. If they appear in Student Planning, but not in Moodle, contact Laura Valle in the Registrar's Office at ext. 8335. If the student does not appear in either location, the student did not complete the enrollment process and needs to enroll through the Registrar's Office.

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