Hybrid Format 

Professional Bio:

Fran Grace spent her growing-up years in the Coffeen Nature Preserve on Florida's Gulf Coast. She sees her teaching and research in the field of Religious Studies as a continuing inquiry into those early catalytic experiences of solitude and nature. The first part of her career grappled with the downside of religion—its dogmatism and judgmentalism—not only within religious history but also within herself.  Her current teaching and writing examine the upside of religion, mainly the "inner life"—its inspirational teachers, various methods for compassion, spiritual development, healing, wholeness, and the paths to Self-realization as taught by the sages and mystics of the world's spiritual traditions.  For the most current information about her public speaking schedule, see the website for Inner Pathway, a non-profit organization based on the core principles of compassion, love, joy, beauty, humor and truth. She offers sessions on meditation and contemplative practice in the University's Meditation Room. The sessions are free and open to the public, described on the Meditation Room's website.


Project Summary: 

Develop videos for the Compassion course. To turn the course to hybrid format.