For the 2015-2016 cohort of Faculty Grant awardees, there were 8 chosen individual faculty members and 2 collaborative groups of 2. Their projects were focused on emerging trends in technology, as well as the University’s strategic goals. Faculty project proposals were centered around the following themes:

  • Integration of mobile devices and mobile learning tools in the classroom.
  • International exposure/collaboration through the use of technology (for example, integration of video conferencing and collaborative projects).
  •  Development and usage of video or other media (by faculty and students) to promote learning.
  • Use of a combination of social networking tools (blogs, Twitter, Facebook…) to enhance student learning/awareness of curriculum-based issues/concerns.
  • Transformation of traditional face to face courses to “Hybrid”, “Flipped” or “Fully Online” courses.
  • Usage of other technologies to enhance traditional courses and augment student learning.

Project Summaries