University of Redlands

Classroom Technology Enhancement

As part of our strategic plan, the Classroom Technology Enhancement Initiative aims to evaluate, prioritize, and expand the current technology in our classrooms. The project focuses on room usage analytics, taking inventory of existing classroom technology, and collecting feedback from faculty and students to identify needs and preferences for future enhancements.

Project Objectives

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of current classroom technology.
  • Analyze room usage data to prioritize high usage spaces.
  • Insure accurate inventory of current classroom technology.
  • Collect Feedback from faculty and students to plan future classroom technology needs.
  • Create a strategic plan for classroom enhancements.

Project Goals

  • Make learning spaces accessible for all students
  • Enhance teaching and learning for both faculty and students.
  • Create engaging and interactive learning spaces for our students and faculty.
  • Insure classrooms prepare students for the workforce of the future.