University of Redlands

Predictive Analytics

Plan Focus 

Importance: Increased efficiency ease tasks and provides support for all the community.

Plan: The plan aims to leverage the power of data and automation, optimize our processes, and deliver exceptional support services for our valued faculty, staff, and students.

Leads: CIO, Provost, Deans, and Chief Financial Officer.

Goal 1: Implement Predictive Analytics Solutions

Objective 1.1: Technology Assessment

  • Importance: Knowing what systems can be improved will allow use to best choose the best predictive tools to implement.

  • Objective: Conduct a thorough assessment of existing technology infrastructure and identify gaps and opportunities for predictive analytics solutions.

  • Timeline: Complete the technology assessment within 6 months.

Objective 1.2: Predictive Analytics Implementation

  • Importance: Implemented well vented predictive analytics will reduce employee workload and provide them information needed to support their user base.

  • Objective: Invest in and implement predictive analytics tools and platforms to leverage data for informed decision-making and proactive support.
  • Timeline: Begin the implementation of predictive analytics solutions within 12 months.

Goal 2: Improve Operational Efficiencies

Objective 2.1: Process Optimization

  • Importance: Increased efficiencies in processes will enable employees to utilize their time on larger and more meaningful projects.

  • Objective: Analyze and optimize operational processes across departments to enhance efficiency and reduce redundancies.
  • Timeline: Implement process improvements within 18 months.

Objective 2.2: Automation Initiatives

  • Importance: Automation will enable employees to utilize their time on impactful and joyous projects.

  • Objective: Explore and invest in automation technologies to streamline routine tasks and workflows, freeing up resources for more strategic initiatives.
  • Timeline: Begin automation initiatives within 12 months.

Goal 3: Enhance Support Services

Objective 3.1: Faculty and Staff Training

  • Importance: Training and support insures that users properly implement and asses the predictive recommendations. 
  • Objective: Provide comprehensive training and resources to faculty and staff to effectively utilize the new technology solutions and analytics tools.
  • Timeline: Initiate training programs within 9 months.

Objective 3.2: Student Support and Engagement

  • Importance: The student retention and learning is supported by both support services and experiential events.
  • Objective: Leverage technology to enhance student support services, including academic advising, career guidance, and engagement initiatives.
  • Timeline: Implement improved student support services within 12 months.

Goal 4: Financial Sustainability

Objective 4.1: Financial Assessment

  • Importance: Assessing the current state of technology will reduce redundancies and improve user services and trust.
  • Objective: Conduct a financial assessment to ensure the sustainability of technology investments and identify potential cost-saving measures.
  • Timeline: Complete the financial assessment within 6 months.

Objective 4.2: Budget Alignment

  • Importance: Budget and plan alignment will enable strategic innovation and growth.
  • Objective: Align the IT budget with the strategic plan, ensuring the allocation of resources to critical technology initiatives.
  • Timeline: Adjust the IT budget accordingly within 9 months.

These goals and objectives represent a strategic plan to harness the power of technology, predictive analytics, and process optimization to improve operational efficiencies, support services for faculty, staff, and students, and ensure the financial sustainability of IT investments. Displaying them on the IT department's website demonstrates the department's commitment to using technology to enhance the overall university experience. The strategic plan is led by the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Provost, Deans, and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).