University of Redlands

Enhance Campus Technology

Plan Focus 

Enhance Campus Technology

  • The plan seeks to enhance various aspects of campus technology infrastructure, including mobile apps and WiFi coverage, accessible power outlets in classrooms, printing and computer center access, and IT on-call support.
  • Additionally, the plan aims to adopt a "one card" system for access control, e-commerce, and event tracking across the campus.
  • The leadership for this initiative involves the CIO, VP for Administration, and Deans.

Goal 1: Enhance Campus Technology Infrastructure

Objective 1.1: Mobile App and WiFi Enhancement

  • Objective: Enhance the university's mobile app to provide valuable services to students, faculty, and staff. Improve WiFi coverage in low-signal areas to ensure seamless connectivity across the campus.
  • Timeline: Complete mobile app enhancements and WiFi improvements within 12 months.

Objective 1.2: Accessible Outlets in Classrooms

  • Objective: Install accessible power outlets in designated classrooms to support students and faculty members' technology needs, ensuring that everyone can utilize technology effectively.
  • Timeline: Ensure accessible outlets in all classrooms within 18 months.

Goal 2: Computer Center Access and Improve Printing and

Objective 2.1: Computer Center Access and IT On-Call Support

  • Objective: Improve access to computer centers by extending operational hours and providing additional resources to accommodate student needs. Establish an on-call IT support service to provide immediate assistance during peak hours.
  • Timeline: Improve computer center access and launch IT on-call support service within 12 months.

Objective 2.2 Enhanced Printing Services

  • Objective: Improve printing services by implementing a user-friendly printing solution and enhancing access to printing facilities across the campus.
  • Timeline: Implement the enhanced printing services within 9 months.

Goal 3: Implement "One Card" System for Access Control and E-commerce

Objective 3.1: "One Card" System Implementation

  • Objective: Implement a comprehensive "one card" system that combines access control, e-commerce capabilities, and event tracking for campus-wide convenience and security.
  • Timeline: Roll out the "one card" system within 24 months.

Objective 3.2: User Training and Adoption

  • Objective: Provide training and support to ensure that students, faculty, and staff are proficient in using the "one card" system, fostering its successful adoption.
  • Timeline: Conduct training and facilitate user adoption within 18 months.

These goals and objectives represent a strategic plan to enhance various aspects of campus technology infrastructure, accessibility, and services.