University of Redlands

Website Redesign

Plan Focus

Importance: A easily navigable and accessible website allows all users to access the information they need to succeed.

Plan: The plan aims to create a website that is accessible to all, user-friendly on mobile devices, ready to deliver accurate and valuable information, and welcoming to a diverse global audience through multilingual support and cultural localization.

Lead: Vice President of Marketing and our Chief Information Officer.

Goal 1: Redesign Website for Accessibility, Mobile Access, and Information Readiness

Objective 1.1: Accessibility Compliance

  • Importance: Accessibility guidelines improve the experience for all users.
  • Objective: Ensure the website conforms to accessibility standards (e.g., WCAG) to make it fully accessible to individuals with disabilities.
  • Timeline: Achieve full accessibility compliance within 12 months.

Objective 1.2: Mobile Optimization

  • Importance: To provide quick and useful information the website needs to be accessible on the multiple devices users have including mobile phones and tablets.

  • Objective: Optimize the website for mobile devices to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience for users accessing the site on smartphones and tablets.
  • Timeline: Complete mobile optimization within 9 months.

Objective 1.3: Content Readiness

  • Importance: So that users are not confused or disappointed the website needs to have up-to-date information.

  • Objective: Review and update website content for accuracy, relevance, and readiness to provide valuable information to users.
  • Timeline: Ensure all content is ready and up-to-date within 12 months.

Goal 2: Multilingual Translation and Localization

Objective 2.1: Multilingual Support

  • Importance: Providing information on the website in multiple languages allows not only the student to choose how to interact with the website, but allows their family members to also access the website.  

  • Objective: Implement a multilingual translation system to provide content in multiple languages, enhancing the website's accessibility to a diverse audience.
  • Timeline: Launch multilingual support within 18 months.

Objective 2.2: Cultural Localization

  • Importance: International users utilize the website in unique ways. Localization will enable these user quick access to relevant information.  

  • Objective: Adapt website content and design elements to ensure cultural relevance for international users.
  • Timeline: Complete cultural localization efforts within 12 months.

Goal 3: Collaboration and Communication

Objective 3.1: Collaboration with Marketing Team

  • Importance: Collaboration insures the website is both useful for current students and future students.

  • Objective: Collaborate closely with the VP of Marketing to align the website redesign with the organization's branding and marketing strategies.
  • Timeline: Foster ongoing collaboration with the marketing team.

Objective 3.2: Stakeholder Communication

  • Importance: Stakeholders provide the information and resources needed to build a successful website

  • Objective: Keep stakeholders informed about the website redesign progress through regular updates and feedback mechanisms.
  • Timeline: Establish transparent and continuous communication channels.

These goals and objectives represent a strategic plan to transform the organization's website into a highly accessible, mobile-friendly, information-ready, and multilingual platform. The strategic plan is led by the VP of Marketing and the Chief Information Officer (CIO).