Web Conference Rooms

 To promote education no matter the distance the University of Redlands has Web Conference enabled rooms. These rooms are equipped with a web camera, speakers and microphones. People wishing to use these rooms can scheduled them through 25Live.


If you have additional questions or would like to set up a Zoom meeting call extension 8495 (on-campus), 909-748-8495(off-campus), or e-mail tec_support@redlands.edu with your information.


Main Campus Class Rooms

 Duke 109

 Gregory 161

 Gregory 270

 Hentschke 201

 Hall of Letters 100

 Hall of Letters 209

 Larson 227

 Library 112

 North University Hall 112


Main Campus Conference Rooms

 Library 111

 Library 116

 Hornby 2


Regional Campus Class Rooms

 Rancho Room 1

 Riverside Room 6

 San Diego Room 2

 San Diego Room 7

 South Coast Metro Room 4

 Temecula Room 7


Regional Campus Conference Rooms


 San Diego