Fletcher Jones Computing Center Labs

The Fletcher Jones Computer Center has multiple spaces for students to work in a lab environment. Along with the open general Lab and the Internet Café, the four labs in the center can be used when not reserved for a class.

Departments wishing to reserve a lab for a section can do so by calling extension 8353 (on-campus) or 909-748-8353 (off-campus) or 25Live. Semester lab usage is arranged through the Registrar’s office.

Location Type of

Number of

General Lab Mac/PC 28 PC/15 Mac
student computers
Computers in rows. Open lab with scanners and both color and black and white printers.
Internet Cafe Mac/PC 4 Mac/4 PC
Student computers
Bar stool set up. The internet Café is available for use when the library building is opened and is connected to a black and white printer
Lab 104 PC 22 PC/
2 Instructor Laptops
The lab is U-shape (with the computers arranged around the perimeter of the room and work tables in the middle). Lab features a DVD player, document camera, two data projectors, two screens,
and a whiteboard.
Lab 139 PC 24 PC/
1 instructor computer
The lab is in a row format and features a DVD player, document camera, data projector, web camera, screen, and a whiteboard.
Lab 140 PC

22 PC/
2 Instructor Laptops

The lab is in a semi-row format with curved tables and features a DVD player, document camera, two data projectors, two screens, and a whiteboard.
Collaboration Lab BYOD


This lab is designed to be collaborative with moveable furniture and multiple TVs that can be used to share a presentation. Along with this the room houses two programmable robots. This lab is currently under construction.



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