Collaborative Learning Spaces

There are four collaborative learning spaces that are part of the Fletcher Jones Foundation Computer Center. Collaborative Learning Spaces (CLS) provide a location for students to meet privately in small groups and work collaboratively on projects.

Room Number Description
99 This room has a whiteboard, a large-size monitor, and a computer connected to the TV
122 A large-size monitor and laptop connection
124 A large-size monitor and laptop connection
126 A large-size monitor and laptop connection


Students can reserve the rooms for up to 3 hours using the express scheduling tool below.

Note: You will have to be logged into your Redlands account.

When using a CLS students are expected to follow the COVID protocols for Common spaces found on this page. Key information to remember:

  • Maintain face covering when in the presence of others.
  • Fill out the daily health check/screening
  • Check your temperature. A PopID is located at the main entrence to the library building.
  • Clean the CLS space after use.