Develop a framework for faculty in the School of Education to deliver online courses to students at Extension Campuses. Development of Asynchronous Online Course EDUC 655: Counseling Systems

Professional Bio:

Dr. Conroy Reynolds received his doctoral degree from Loma Linda Marriage and Family Therapy program and is also a Board Certified Mental Health Chaplain.
His formal teaching career began eight years ago at the University of Redlands as an adjunct professor teaching Group Counseling and Life Span Development. In the summer of 2011 he began teaching full time Visiting Assistant Professor in addition to coordinating practicum experience for students in the Clinical Mental Health program.
His interest in online learning began when he enrolled at Capella University and completed an MA in Clinical Psychology in 2004. Since then he has also completed certification as an online instructor from the @one program of California Community College. He continues to explore new opportunities to enhance teaching through the integration of cutting edge technology.
He is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor and Practicum Coordinator in the Clinical Mental Health program at University of Redlands and Mental Health Chaplain at the Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center.

Project Summary:

This project will focus on the use of online learning to build the capacity of the School of Education to provide quality graduate education to students who need the course but who for a variety of reasons may not be able to take it in class. In addition it will provide a model that will enable school administrators and faculty to integrate technology into the curriculum to meet accreditation standards. All curriculum materials created will be in alignment with the CA state standards for School and Mental Health Counselors and the accreditation requirements of WASC. The course will adhere to best practices for building online courses in creation of online content, learning activities, assignments and assessments. The project will offer policy and procedural recommendations to School of Education Administration for development of additional courses that will be comparable to courses offered in the traditional format.