As a school counseling student, you are encouraged to continue learning outside of the classroom by taking advantage of events, webinars, conferences, advising sessions, and workshops.


Your program fuses school counseling training with a deep understanding of educational justice and its applications in the modern educational landscape. Rigorous fieldwork offers hands-on experience essential for career preparation.

University Resources

Program Resources

Program Pathways

The coursework and the field experience segments of the program are delivered in a prescribed sequence. Pathways are recommended for timely program completion.

MA in Education: School Counseling Pre-K-12 Track

MA in Education: School Counseling College Track

MA in Education: School Counseling Combo Track

Pupil Personnel Services School Counseling Credential Only

Program Handbooks

The program handbook contains information about the faculty, curriculum, policies, and procedures of the School Counseling program. Please refer to the program handbook for the year you were admitted to the university. If you began your program prior to Fall 2023, contact the Office of Licensures and Credentialing for a copy of the handbook. 

Fall 2023 Program Handbook

Fieldwork Handbook

The fieldwork handbook contains information about the policies, processes, and procedures related to fieldwork. Since policies change over time, the fieldwork handbook is updated every academic year.

School Counseling Fieldwork Handbook

An updated Fieldwork Handbook for students starting fieldwork in Summer 2024 is coming soon.

Fieldwork Documents & Forms

The fieldwork-related documents and forms below will be used by students before and during fieldwork. For further information about the steps to advance to fieldwork or fieldwork requirements, please see the Fieldwork page.

Practica (Pre-Fieldwork) Hour Log

This document will be used to track all of your eligible practica experiences.

Practica Hour Log Submission Form

This Etrieve form is used to submit documentation of the practica hour log.

Fieldwork Placement Form

Whether you are pursuing a new placement and/or continuing in a placement, this form used each semester to indicate/request your site preference(s), including the school district/institution and level. When advancing to fieldwork for the first time, you will need to upload attachments, including your approved practica log (20 hours completed independently), proof of liability insurance, Certificate of Clearance, and valid TB test results.

If you are pursuing a college-level site, please note that this form is used for you to indicate where you intend to complete your fieldwork while you initiate/finalize your placement with the organization/institution directly.

If you are requesting a placement at a pre-k-12 site, all coordination with districts will done by the Office of Licensures and Credentialing. 

Fieldwork Site Agreement Form

Once your site supervisor is confirmed or finalized, you will provide them with the Fieldwork Site Agreement Form link (https://forms.office.com/r/waTv5FU0KM) to complete at the beginning of each fieldwork semester. By completing the form, your site supervisor is verifing that they agree to take part in your fieldwork experience. It also sets the understanding between the University of Redlands School of Education and your site supervisor for the semester. 

If you are continuing with the same site supervisor, please provide them with the form to complete each term to confirm their agreement for another semester. If you are at two sites, please ensure both site supervisors receive and complete the form separately.

Candidate Individualized Plan (CIP)

This Etrieve form is to be completed during every fieldwork semester after beginning at your site(s). You will complete the form with your site supervisor and submit it to your EDUC 677 fieldwork course instructor for approval. Once approved by your EDUC 677 fieldwork course instructor, you should receive a PDF copy emailed to you from Etrieve.

If you are at two sites, you must submit two separate CIPs. If you are continuing at a site, you will complete a new CIP each semester.

School Counseling Fieldwork Hour Log

This Etrieve form is to be complete once a week during your fieldwork semester. Once you begin tracking your hours on this form at the beginning of the week, Etrieve will automatically save the form as a draft when you exit without submitting it. Throughout the week, you will log your fieldwork hours on the same form by accessing the draft in your Drafts section. Use the "+" button below to add additional hour entries each day. Once you have tracked all hours for the week, you can submit the form to your EDUC 677 fieldwork course instructor for approval.

School Counseling Midterm Evaluation

This Etrieve form is to be submitted no later than week 8 of the semester. If your placement started late, please connect with your EDUC 677 course instructor to discuss an adjusted timeline for evaluations. Initiate the midterm evaluation by evaluating yourself for each Counselor Performance Standard. Use the check boxes to indicate whether a standard was established as a goal in your CIP or if you are identifying it as a new goal.

Once you submit the form, please inform your site supervisor and connect with them to review the fieldwork hour logs you've submitted so far. All submitted hour logs can be found in your Etrieve Activity Folder.


Program Timeline


Program Completion

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