Teacher Candidates


The University of Redlands provides a multi-faceted teacher education program. After successful completion of the required course work and program requirements, students advance to student teaching or a teaching internship.

The regulations and requirements of our teacher education program are approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). All teacher credentials candidates must demonstrate competency in their specific subject matter area prior to student teaching and the teaching seminar.

Program Resources

Program Pathways

The coursework and the field experience segments of the program are delivered in a prescribed sequence.

Pathways are recommended for timely program completion. 

Masters + Credential

MALT Multiple Subject Pathway

MALT Single Subject Pathway

MALT Education Specialist Pathway

MALT Education Specialist-Online Pathway 

Credential Only

PTC Multiple Subject Pathway

PTC Single Subject Pathway

PTC Education Specialist Pathway

CAS Undergraduate 

Multiple Subject CAS Pathway

Single Subject CAS Pathway

Single Subject CAS School of Music Pathway

Early Fieldwork

Candidates pursuing a Multiple Subject, Single Subject, or Education Specialist teaching credential are required by CTC to complete 600 hours of fieldwork across the arc of their program. These hours are divided between Early Fieldwork and hours completed while student teaching or a teaching internship. 

Early Fieldwork

Candidates will complete 40 hours of fieldwork during their Foundations and Methods courses. These courses are typically taken in the first 2-3 semesters in the program.

The instructors for each course will advise candidates on how many hours to complete as well as methods of completing the early fieldwork. Early Fieldwork hours must be tracked using the Early Fieldwork Log for each course. 

While schools are closed due to COVID-19, candidates can complete Virtual Early Fieldwork.

For questions regarding early fieldwork, please contact the Coordinator of the MALT Program, Dr. Nicol Howard.

Student Teaching or Teaching Internship Fieldwork

While student teaching or interning, candidates will complete 560+ hours of fieldwork. This includes at least 4 weeks of solo-teaching.

For questions regarding student teaching or teaching internship, students should contact their OSS Academic Advisor

Student Teaching / Teaching Internship 

All teacher candidates will complete either student teaching or a teaching internship as the culminating fieldwork experience for their program. In order to student teach or intern, teacher candidates must submit a complete application by the deadline of the semester they plan to complete the fieldwork. Please thoroughly read through the deadlines, requirements, and application instructions.

Credential Recommendation


Preliminary Credential Recommendation

Once teacher candidates have completed their coursework, student teaching/teaching internship and all other credential requirements, they can apply for their Preliminary Teaching Credential.

See the Pathway to Credential to learn more about the process and requirements to be recommended for a Preliminary Credential. 

Interested in a Second Credential?

Once Single Subject and Multiple Subject teacher candidates has received their Preliminary teaching credential, they may apply directly with CCTC to receive an additional teaching credential or content area. 

Teacher candidates must meet subject matter competency for the second credential. 

Additionally, teacher candidates will need to complete a content-specific methodology course that is approved by CCTC. The University of Redlands does not have "ad-hoc" enrollment for methodology courses but CTC does provide a list of institutions that teacher candidates can do this through.
Teacher candidates will go through the CCTC to process the credential recommendation. Instruction for that process can be found here, under "How to Apply."