Teaching Internship

Interested teacher candidates can seek a teaching internship to fulfill their fieldwork hour requirements. As an intern, the candidate is a full-time employee of a district with a classroom of their own. It is the candidate's responsibility to secure a full-time position in their credential field at a public school site.

The University of Redlands will oversee the candidate for at least 14-weeks in this position providing approximately 72 hours of support. Interns are supported weekly by a district-assigned mentor, a University Supervisor, and a teaching seminar course.

Candidates must be prepared to take on this immense responsibility and it is only recommended to those who have prior teaching experience. Candidates are encouraged to apply for student teaching as well, in case an internship does not present itself. 

Internship Deadlines

The internship eligibility application is open year-round. Internships must be confirmed by the designated deadline each fall and spring semester. 


Deadline to confirm internship

Fall 2021

Friday, August 27, 2021

Spring 2022

Tuesday, January 4, 2022


Internship Eligibility Requirements

Degree: Must have a Bachelor's degree for internship credential recommendation.
Student Status: Students must be an active student or be on a current leave of absence to apply for internship eligibility. Leave of Absences expire after one year and students must reapply for admission to the School of Education. If students are reapplying for admission, their internship eligibility application will only be reviewed once they have been reaccepted to the School of Education. 
Pre-service courses: Candidates may apply for internship eligibility after completing a minimum of 9 credits of foundation and methods courses (preservice courses) for the credential they are seeking. Recommendation for the internship credential is contingent on completing 12 credits of foundations and methods courses. 
GPA requirement: 3.0 Grade (or equivalent) or higher in ALL pre-service foundations and methods courses.
Clear Student Account: Students must clear all registration/financial holds on account. 
Certificate of Clearance: Students must have a valid Certificate of Clearance with CCTC during the program and at the time of application. 
CPR: Students must have a current valid CPR certificate (infant, child, and adult) that will not expire while interning. 
TB test: Students must have proof of a current negative tuberculosis test that will not expire prior to completion of the program and teaching internship. TB skin tests are valid for 2 years and chest x-ray exams are valid for 5 years.
Subject Matter Competency: Subject-matter competency is met either through successful completion of all CSET section(s) or by submission of a waiver letter from a CCTC approved institution. Please see Guidance for Credential Programs in Response to COVID-19 to read more about CTC flexibilities related to the subject matter competency requirement.
US Constitution: Have met the U.S. Constitution requirement for internship credential recommendation.


Internship Eligibility Application Instructions

Internship applications are reviewed year-round. You will hear back regarding your application within 2-3 weeks of submission. Missing documents or submitting documents that do not meet the requirements will cause a delay in the review process.

1. Fill out the Teaching Internship Application form.

2. Upload the following required documents to the application form:

CPR Certificate: The certificate must state that it covers infants, children, and adults. If it does not, proof must be provided that shows the course covered these areas. The submitted CPR certificate must remain valid during the entire internship.
Negative TB test: The submitted TB test must remain valid during the entire internship.
Subject Matter Competency: Proof of meeting subject matter competency such as a waiver letter of CSET exam scores. Please see Guidance for Credential Programs in Response to COVID-19 to read more about CTC flexibilities related to the subject matter competency requirement.
U.S. Constitution Requirement: Online exam results or transcripts. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable for this application if official transcripts are on file with Registrar’s Office.
Resume: Should include education and teaching experiences.
Essay (300 words minimum): The essay should address your personal achievements, experiences, and the skills that prepare you for an internship. Explain how you are ready to be the sole teacher in the classroom instead of pursuing the student teaching route.
2 Letters of Recommendation from outside sources: It is recommended that the letters from outside sources speak to your teaching abilities and skills.
2 Letter of Recommendations from University of Redlands’ Methods or Foundation Instructors: Submitted using the Instructor Recommendation Form


Letter of Recommendation Form

For students seeking a Teaching Internship, two letters of recommendation are required from University of Redlands' Methods or Foundation Instructors for the application. The student will share the form below with the instructors.

Students, please be considerate of the instructor's time and give them advance notice of the application deadline. Letters of recommendation must be received by the application deadline. 

Instructor Recommendation Form 

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to pass my CSET exams?

Students must pass all CSET exams prior to the application deadline for the semester that they plan to student teach or intern. We do not make exceptions for CSET exams or extend the application deadline because CSETs have not been passed. Students should be aware of CSET test release dates and plan accordingly so that CSET results are received prior to the application deadline.  

COVID-19 has affected my ability to complete the CSET exams. Can I still apply for student teaching?

Students may apply for Fall 2021 internship eligiblity without all their CSETs exams passed. More information to come for Spring 2022 applicants. 

Please see Guidance for Credential Programs in Response to COVID-19 to read about CTC flexibilities related to the subject matter competency requirement.

What if I have not passed my CSET exams and/or I am not ready to apply for student teaching/teaching internship?

Students have a couple of options and with each option comes pros and cons. It is highly recommended that students discuss these options with their academic advisor to find out which route is the best for them.

Leave of Absence Option: Students can take a Leave of Absence (LOA) until they are able to pass their CSETs. Students can remain on an LOA for up to one year. If students are gone for more than one year, they have to be readmitted to the school. This is a good option for students who are struggling to balance the load of coursework and the additional time to study for CSETs. It will give them a moment to pause from the program and focus on their exams. This option will extend their program length. If a student plans to take an LOA, they should contact their OSS academic advisor.

Swap Student Teaching/Interning with MALT 610 Option (this option only applies to MALT students): Students can swap the order that they complete student teaching/internship and MALT 610. Many students elect to take this route so their program is not extended. However, ideally, students complete student teaching/interning before MALT 610, that way they can use their experiences in the classroom to complete their thesis project. Please know that MALT 610 is a rigorous course and many students find it tough to balance while still studying for CSET exams. Students should discuss this option with their OSS academic advisor.

When do TB Tests expire?

TB skin tests expire after 2 years and chest x-ray exams expire after 5 years. The TB needs to remain current during student teaching/interning and when applying for the Preliminary Credential.

CPR Certificate

All student teachers and interns must have a valid CPR certificate that covers infants, children, and adults. It needs to remain current during student teaching/interning and when applying for the Preliminary Credential. Students should check the expiration date on the CPR card to ensure that it will not expire while they are in the field. If it will expire, it needs to be renewed for the student teaching or intern application.

U.S. Constitution Requirement

If students are applying to be an intern, they must show proof of meeting the U.S. Constitution Requirement. All students will ultimately need to meet this requirement to be recommended for the Preliminary Credential.

Internship Review Process

After the application closes the Office of Student Success (OSS) will review applications. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all required documents have been submitted. 

If found eligible, OSS will provide an Intern Eligibility Letter which can be used on job applications. It will indicate to districts that the University of Redlands will recommend students for an intern credential if they hire them. An Intern Credential is valid for 2 years and will not be renewed by the Univesity of Redlands.

If found intern eligible, it is the student’s responsibility to find a full-time teaching position where they can be overseen as an intern. The position must be full-time, in a public school, and in the same credential field as the credential that they are seeking in the program.

OSS does not find internships for students.

Students may apply for student teaching as a backup in case they are unable to secure an internship. This application is separate and needs to be submitted by the designated deadline for fall or spring semester. While students are job hunting, OSS will set up a student teaching placement for students. If students find an internship, OSS will cancel the placement. If students do not find an internship, they can accept the placement coordinated by OSS. 


If students have any additional questions, they should contact their OSS academic advisor.

Is a Teaching Internship right for me? 

Uncertain about which route you want to take to complete your fieldwork?

Watch this recent group advising presentation to learn about the difference between student teaching and an internship. Office of Student Success Advisors covers the pros and cons of each route as well as the application process. We will also discuss the subject matter competency requirement (i.e. CSET exams) and the CTC flexibilities provided in response to COVID-19 (applicable for Fall 2021 fieldwork applicants). 

View the Should I Student Teach or Intern? presentation slides. 



Have any questions? 

Set up an appointment with your OSS academic advisor. 

Need help applying to internships? 

Contact the Office of Career and Professional Development