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The online Master of Arts in Education, Human Services is an innovative and transformational interdisciplinary program. The degree prepares graduates to recognize varied levels of social and educational inequities and empowers them to serve as advocates for the disenfranchised and underserved.

Program Resources:

Course Pathways

Coursework provides a solid liberal arts foundation allowing students to shape the future by learning how to recognize social and educational inequities while also being able to implement effective strategies and resources to address them. The 36-unit online MA in Human Services can be completed in 24 months through six 14-week terms.

Course Planning & Pre-requisites

The Human Services program has 3 starts per year. Courses can be taken in any sequence, provided pre-requisites are met. Coursework in year 1 must be completed before advancing to year 2.

Course Schedule

Courses in our online programs are 7-weeks long. Students will take two (7-week courses) per term. For more information, please refer to Self-Service Student Planning portal.

Effective 2021-22: See Course Pathway


Program Handbooks

The program handbooks below provide students with information about the faculty, curriculum, policies, and procedures of the University of Redlands’ Human Services Program. See below for specifics within the respective handbook. 

Fall 2021 Program Handbook

Tips for Online Success

University of Redlands online programs are available 24/7 allowing students’ to go their own pace for full flexibility. Students are highly recommended to do the following so they may get the most out of their degree: 


Create a dedicated study space- creating a designated study space encourages students to stay organized and establish a routine.  

Stay organized- Create weekly and monthly schedules for all assignments. When students can easily access when assignments are due, they are better equipped for success.  


Practice time management- Keep track of all due dates and factor in prior commitments. If students have trouble with managing their time, creating reminders for “to-do”s are a great solution.  


Figure out your learning style- The best learning environments are unique to each student. Some students work best in the morning and others work best in the evening. Some students are more visual learners and others learn best by listening to content. As an online student, there is more flexibility towards where and when learning takes place. Students who are prepared to incorporate their online program into their learning styles are more likely to succeed.  


Actively participate in class forums- Students should make goals to actively participate in online discussions and forums. Active participation can help students engage and digest the material they are learning, while also keeping students accountable by ensuring they are keeping up with coursework.