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International Collaboration

The MCPt program is an international partnership offering students a unique blend of instruction that features curriculum and intensive sessions taught by world-class faculty, and a culminating study experience in Southern California.

Program Timeline

Summer Semester in Redlands

MCPt students will study at the main University of Redlands campus for their final term in which they will interact with mental health professionals in Southern California as well as other University of Redlands counseling students and faculty.

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As you progress throughout your program, your program coordinator and academic advisor are focused on supporting your success across curricular and co-curricular needs.

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Program Overview

The MCPt is a unique, 40 credit hour program that is offered with the support of the Hubei Oriental Insight Mental Health Institute in Wuhan, China.  Most (27 credit hours) of the program is offered in China and taught in the Mandarin language.  During their final term, students come Redlands for the residential portion of their program.

The program is accredited by the Clinical and Counseling Psychology Registration System (CCPRS) of the Chinese Psychological Society.  It has features that would qualify it as among the very best counseling masters programs in China. For example:

Student are trained by faculty who are recognized nationally and internationally for their scholarship and professional leadership. This includes both main-campus University of Redlands faculty (see the Departmental webpage) as well as some of the best-known psychologists in China.  This latter is made possible by the participation of tenured faculty from some of the most prestigious universities in China who each to teach at least one course in the program.  This includes, for example, Professors  Guangrong Jiang (Central China University);  Mingyi Qian (Peking University); Jianping Wang (Beijing Normal University); and Fumin Fan (Tsinghua University).

Students develop their counseling skills under careful supervision at rigorous, high quality training sites, most of which are accredited by CCPRS.

The curriculum is informed by competency-based principles and educational best practices, developed by program faculty who have been active in helping the profession develop those practices.

During their residency on the University of Redlands campus, students have the opportunity to visit counseling centers and mental health agencies in Southern California to discuss similarities and differences between mental health services in the U.S. and China and to engage in dialogue with on-campus students.   During that term, they also will take a one-unit capstone course (CMHC 674), Advanced Seminar in Counseling and Psychotherapy in which they will review and integrate material they have covered in the program.

Program Pathways

Your program pathway depends upon the term in which you started your program.

Fall Start Program Pathway

Spring Start Program Pathway

Requirements for Complete Admission

Students who have been accepted into the Hubei Oriental Insight Mental Health Institute (OI) College π counseling and psychotherapy certificate program are eligible to apply to continue their studies with University of Redlands and earn a Master of Arts in Counseling and Psychotherapy (MCPt). Admission to the MCPt program is a two-step process.
Step 1: Submit application for the MCPt program
Complete and submit an application to the MCPt program for the designated term by visiting The application will populate with all supplemental items that are required for full admission. Upon submission of the application, applicants for the MCPt program are eligible to enroll in up to six units (2 courses) with the University of Redlands while securing their supplemental materials to be considered for full admission to the MCPt program. Admission to the MCPt program is granted by the University of Redlands at various times during the academic year.
Students who have submitted their application but who have not yet satisfied all supplemental materials are considered "special status" by the University and may enroll in up to 6 units (2 courses). Thereafter, applicants deemed as special status must be fully admitted to the MCPt program before they are eligible to enroll in future courses. 
Step 2: Upload all supplemental items to MCPt application
An individual's application is considered complete and will be reviewed by faculty for admission decision when all supplemental materials are marked as received. Applicants who have not submitted all supplemental materials for admission by the end of the first two courses (601/693) will not be permitted to enroll in future courses until full admission is granted. Applicants not fully admitted by the start of the second term may experience a delay with regard to their anticipated program length. Courses may resume once full admission is granted.
Please see below for specific application complete requirements and final deadlines. For questions or concerns regarding the admission process, contact Michelle Kanu


Fall 2023 (September)

November 15, 2023

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Materials for admission to the MCPt program are uploaded by the applicant at Admission requirements include: 

  1. Evidence of a bachelor's or master's transcript* with a minimum 2.3 GPA from a regionally-accredited institution or the international equivalent. Applicants who graduated from an institution outside of the United States will need to request translation of their transcript via one of the following services: 
    a. International Education Research Foundation (IERF) [detailed report]
    b. World Education Services: International Credential Evaluation (WES) [must include course-by-course evaluation].
  2. For graduates of non-English based programs, provide proof of English language proficiency within the last two years** via one of the following:

a. Duolingo English Test score of 95 or higher (preferred)
b. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of 550 or higher (or 213 computer-based, or 80 internet based)
c. International English Language Testing system (IELTS) score of 6.5 or higher

  1. Personal Statement: 500 word essay describing personal experience and interest in the field

Upon acceptance of admission, a $350.00 deposit is payable. The deposit is applied towards course tuition.

*The Department of Counseling and Human Services has approved applicants for the Master’s in Counseling and Psychotherapy to submit unofficial evidence of their degree and proof of their request for transcript translation by IERF/WES as they wait for official evidence to arrive. The acceptable documents are indicated below and do not substitute for official evidence:

  1. Verification link for Center for Student Services and Development (CSSD), Ministry of Education, P.R. China Online Verification Report of Higher Education Qualification Certificate and
  2. Proof of initiation of IERF/WES transcript translation

Applicants are responsible to email their unofficial evidence to Provided all other supplemental materials are marked as satisfied, upon receipt of the applicant's verification link for the CSSD Online Verification Report of Higher Education Qualification Certificate and proof of initiation of IERF/WES transcript translation, the applicant will be considered for conditional admission.

Conditionally admittance is only granted for one term. Students who are conditionally admitted will be permitted to register for one term of courses and must provide official evidence by the end of the first term to remove the conditions and be granted full admission.

** English language support is offered free of charge to individuals applying to the MCPt  program.

Handbook for Students

This Handbook provides information about the faculty, curriculum, policies, and procedures of the University of Redlands’ Masters in Counseling and Psychotherapy Program. Because all academic programs evolve, changes related to academic expectations will occur from year to year. Each year’s Handbook be at least slightly different from that of the previous year.  Therefore, students should look to the Handbook for the academic year in which they entered.

Information in this Handbook complements, but does not replace what is in the University Catalog.  That Catalog contains general information about the University, rules that affect all students, and descriptions of courses.  The catalog’s URL can be found below with the list of important websites.



Looking for English Language Support?

English classes are offered by instructor, Baohua Liu, every Tuesday and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. (Beijing time) via Zoom.

MEETING ID: 2207739701 PASSWORD: 212121