Year 2

Starting Practicum

Welcome to your second year! 

This year you will be starting your practicum placements and transitioning to a more active role in building your field experience. Each term, you will have developed different goals for yourself that will reflect the experience you have gained and want to have. 

Important things to build while in practicum:

Self-care plans

Connecting with your supervisor

*Practicum placements for the Master's in Counseling and Psychotherapy program are organized by Oriental Insight Mental Health Institute.


Co-curricular Experiences

Students are able to visit different clinical counseling centers to learn more about the type of work they do.


Fourth Term

CHMC 615 Group Psychotherapy & Counseling (3 credits)

CMHC 651 Practicum I: Counseling and Psychotherapy (1 credit)

Personality and Social Psychology 

Fifth Term

CMHC 652 Practicum II: Counseling and Psychotherapy (1 credit)

Clinical Evaluation and Case Analysis 

Sixth Term

CMHC 640: Research and Evaluation (3 credits)

CMHC 653: Practicum III: Counseling and Psychotherapy (1 credit)

Seminar: The Theory and Practice of Resource Advantage Orientation Psychological Counseling 

For course descriptions, please view the most recent university catalog. Italicized courses are taken at the Hubei Oriental Insight Mental Health Institute.

Have Questions?

Your advisor, Kristin Grammer, is available to provide comprehensive support and guidance.

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