year 1

Getting Started

Your first year in the Counseling and Psychotherapy program is your first step to becoming a mental health professional. This term will be a period of adjustment as you learn what it means to be a part of an international educational experience. 

As a special status student, you are working on becoming a fully admitted student to continue the journey towards your Master's degree. You will need to complete the requirements by the specified deadline to continue your Master's degree studies. Click here to look at the list of requirements. If you have questions about the program requirements or application process, please contact the graduate enrollment team.

During this time, you will be learning how to navigate participating in this program. Key elements that you should be aware of are:

  • How to upload application materials
  • Program Requirements and Resources
  • Planning and Registering for your classes
  • Add/Drop deadlines
  • Paying for your courses

Receiving Full Admission

To secure your placement in the MCPt program, confirm that you have these application materials uploaded to your application in

Please make sure that you have all required materials in by the deadline specified below.

Applicants who have not submitted all supplemental materials for admission by the end of the first two courses (601/611) will not be permitted to enroll in future courses until full admission is granted.



Program Requirements

Look over your program requirements to get an overview of what your program experience will be.

Click here to view your program pathway.

Planning and Registering for Classes

Plan your classes in Student Planning and register. 

Learn How to Register


Be aware of the add drop deadlines for the semester.

Add/ Drop Deadlines

Fall- September 18, 2023

Spring- January 22, 2024

Summer- May 13, 2024


Paying For Your Courses

It is important to know how and when to pay for the courses you are taking.

Payment for courses are due 30 days from when the semester begins to Student Financial Services. You can pay through the Self-Service portal under Student Finance.

If you have any questions, regarding the payment process you may reach out to Diana Resendez, your Student Financial Services Coordinator.


First Term

EDUC 601 The Counseling Process (3 credits)

CMHC 611 Psychopathology and Counseling (3 credits)

Second Term

EDUC 653 Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy (3 credits)

Third Term

CMHC 620 Counseling and Educational Assessment (3 credits)

EDUC 680 Human Lifespan Development (3 credits)

CMHC 636 Psychotherapist Law & Ethics (3 credits)

Clinical Shadowing

Psychological Counseling Process

For course descriptions, please view the most recent university catalog. Italicized courses are taken at the Hubei Oriental Insight Mental Health Institute.

Have Questions?

Your advisor, Kristin Grammer, is available to provide comprehensive support and guidance.

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