Semester at Redlands

During the final term of your program, you will travel to the main University of Redlands campus in Redlands, California to complete a residency in which you will complete the final 13 credit hours. During that term, you will have opportunities to interact with mental health professionals in Southern California as well as students and faculty in the Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling programs.


CMHC 674 Advanced Seminar in Counseling and Psychotherapy (1)

This course employs a seminar format and a competency framework to facilitate students’ review and integration of what they have learned in their program.  They demonstrate their competencies in an experiential project that demonstrates essential competencies in response to a real-life problem.

Please note that this course is taken concurrently with the courses below.

7A — First Seven Weeks

CMHC 649 Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision (3)

This course addresses the fundamentals of clinical supervision.  It draws from theory, research, and accepted best practices to focus on supervisory relationships, multicultural issues, supervisee assessment, feedback, gatekeeping, the use of technology in supervision, and legal and ethical practices.

CMHC 630 Theory & Practice in Family Counseling (3)

This course is designed for students to advance their theoretical integration and skills in family therapy. The purpose of this advanced practice seminar is to assist students in applying clinical family theories and techniques. Emphasis will be placed on students’ critical assessment of different applications of selected theories and techniques.

7B — Second Seven Weeks

CMHC 610 Sociocultural Counseling and Intervention (3)

Exploration of similarities and differences that occur within and across cultures, and the conceptual intersection of cultural and social identities. Students explore their own cultural and personal attitudes, beliefs, and biases, which may influence cross-cultural interactions that impact the counseling relationship while developing their own theoretical approach as professional counselors.

CMHC 692 Crisis Intervention Counseling (3)

This course focuses on expanding the development of counseling skills, with particular emphasis on the knowledge, skills, and awareness needed to work effectively with clients who are in crisis. This course will also place a high priority on each student’s ability to develop a greater sense of self-awareness and introspection.


Brockton Apartment exterior 820x420.jpg

During your semester at Redlands, you will be living in the Brockton Apartments. The Brockton Apartments, located just north of the main campus, houses University of Redlands transfer and upper-class students. Brockton offers enrolled students the benefits of living on campus with an independent lifestyle.


While at Redlands

During the term, you will have plenty of opportunities to explore the local community as well as other cities throughout Southern California. Train services are expected to begin soon from a new train station on the University of Redlands campus.



MCPt University of Redlands Station.jpeg

Discover Southern California

In addition to exploring the area on your own, you can join your peers on university-sponsored trips to local places of interest. Check out some of the possible locations!