Year 3

Year 3

In the final year of your program, you will be preparing to travel abroad to arrive at the Redlands campus for the summer for your final term. In the fall of your final year, you will be focused on receiving your I-20 documents and filling out the visa application (DS-160).

During the spring, preparations for travel in the Summer continue. This term will include preparing and scheduling your Visa Appointment, reserving your Housing placement, and finalizing travel arrangements.

In your final term, you will be studying at the University of Redlands campus for the summer. You will be completing your degree and starting to think about how to apply your degree to your profession. You will have opportunities to interact with American students, staff, and faculty while meeting with American psychotherapists to discuss their work.ā€‹ā€‹


Seventh Term

Seminar: Personal and Professional Development of Counselors

Professional certification counseling topic

Employment and private practice counseling

Ninth Term

CMHC 674: Advanced Seminar in Counseling and Psychotherapy (1)

7A- First Seven Weeks 7b- Second Seven Weeks

CMHC 649: Fundamentals of Clinincal Supervision (3)

CMHC 610: Sociocultural Counseling (3)

CMHC 630: Theory and Practice in Family Counseling (3)

CMHC 692: Crisis Intervention Counseling (3)


For course descriptions, please view the most recent university catalog. Italicized courses are taken at the Hubei Oriental Insight Mental Health Institute.

Continue Practicing your English Language Skills

English classes are offered by instructor, Baohua Liu, every Tuesday and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. (Beijing time) via Zoom.

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