I-20 Information & Documents

Preparing your I-20

Requesting an I-20 form from the Office of International Student Scholars Timeline

Due to changing regulations, I-20s can be requested up to one year prior to arrival.

Year 2: Check if your passport is expired or will expire and has to be renewed. Passports must be valid at least 6 months past departure date from the US. 

September: Complete the Certificate of Finance or request a signed bank statement showing sufficient funds for travel. 

October 1st: Recommended deadline to request an I-20. 

December 31st*: Recommended deadline to request an I-20.

The Office of International Students and Scholars will issue I-20s up to one year in advance of arrival providing all materials are received. 

*requests for I-20 can be received after this date, but may delay the study visa process. 

Certificate of Finance Information

Certificate of Finance Information

International applicants must show proof of financial support prior to issuance of the Form I-20 . The finances outlined should be enough for up to one year or the length of the program, whichever is shorter. This includes being able to cover the cost of tuition, books, living expenses, and travel.

Evidence of financial support must include the completed Certificate of Finances form and supporting supplemental document(s) must show equivalency amounts in U.S. dollars (USD):

  • Bank statements (must be liquid asset accounts such as checking or savings and the statement must be within 3-6 months)
  • Documentation from a sponsor
  • Letter from an employer showing annual salary in U.S. dollars
  • Financial aid letters
  • Scholarship letters

Additional Items for Spouse or Dependents

If you plan to bring a spouse or dependents, you will need to provide these additional items for I-20

  • Certificate of Finances should include enough funds for housing and living expenses for each dependent.
    • In this case, the amount is $5,000 each (the amount you need to document for yourself, minus the tuition, books, and insurance). This means the certificate of finances must show enough funds for your education and living expenses, along with the living expenses of any dependent(s) that you bring. For example, if you are brining one spouse, the minimum amount of funds should be $17,050 ($12050 + $5,000).
  • Copy of marriage license if you are bringing a spouse if the marriage certificate is not in English, please provide English translation & only one spouse may accompany the F-1 student
  • Copy of birth certificate of dependent child(ren) who may be accompanying you. Any dependent child must be under the age of 21
  • Copy of each accompanying family member’s passport
*Note that dependents are not authorized to work and cannot obtain a social security number.