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Learning Management System - Focus Group

Date: Wednesday, May 12th







Pedagogical considerations for Fall

Teaching a large class poses many challenges, both virtually and physically. A large class enrollment can lead to student disengagement and alienation. This can erode students’ sense of responsibility and enjoyment of the course. Furthermore, large class sizes can pose logistical issues for instructors.

Please review: Student Engagement, Handling Student Grades, Reduce Cheating, Logistical Issues, and Technology Issues. 

- Teaching for Larger Classes 


Engaging Students in Online Classes - Webinar

Host: Dr. Reynolds

4/7/21 Panelists & Presenters: 

Dr. Alvarado - Making the Most of Synchronous Class Time Using Small Group Activities  

Dr. Charest - Teaching Through the Electricity: Student Engagement Online

Cheyne Murray - Decision Tree: "Determining what format is best for lecture content"

Fletcher Jones Renovation 

Progress to date: 4/2/21