Perusall is an on-line collaborative annotation tool. Perusall allows the whole class to read and annotate material together. Students can make note visible to others, answering peer comments, or highlight passages they find interesting or want to delve deeper. Working together students will be more engaged in the text.

Canvas intigration

Faculty and students can easily access Perusall in Canvas. The instructor just needs to add Perusall to the left course navigation then use the link to access the system. The video below offers some basic information about connecting your course with Perusall. For Canvas specific information please visit their instructor setup page.

Canvas Assignments

With Perusall you can create an assignment and integrate that assignment into Canvas. Below is a video provides information on how to make sure your assignments are connected.

Please note two things about assignments and 3rd party apps:

  1. The point value on the Canvas assignment page and the 3rd party app need to be the same. If they are not student's final grades may not be correct.
  2. To ensure grade syncing students will need to access the linked assignment from the Canvas assignment page.