University of Redlands

Reconstructing the Historical Legacy of Antigua

Alana Belcon

Alana Belcon.jpgAlana Belcon is a geospatial analyst with over a decade in GIS and Remote Sensing. Her strengths lie in cartography and geospatial analysis with an emphasis on using GIS to communicate information but she's interested in a wide variety of geospatial applications.

Conroy Reynolds

Conroy Reynolds received his doctoral degree from Loma Linda Marriage and Family Therapy program and is also a Board Certified Mental Health Chaplain. His formal teaching career began eight years ago at the University of Redlands as an adjunct professor teaching Group Counseling and Life Span Development. In the summer of 2011 he began teaching full time Visiting Assistant Professor in addition to coordinating practicum experience for students in the Clinical Mental Health program. His interest in online learning began when he enrolled at Capella University and completed an MA in Clinical Psychology in 2004. He continues to explore new opportunities to enhance teaching through the integration of cutting edge technology. He is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor and Practicum Coordinator in the Clinical Mental Health program at University of Redlands and Mental Health Chaplain at the Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center.

John Glover

Ph. D., 2000,History, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL

Steve Moore

Dr. Moore is Director of the Center for Spatial Studies (CSS) and Director of Sponsored Programs at the University of Redlands. In his role as CSS Director, Dr. Moore oversees the research and instructional support activities of the Center for Spatial Studies. With a vision of empowering faculty and students to integrate spatial thinking in their academic, personal, and professional lives; fostering cutting-edge spatial research and scholarship; and helping create a better world through meaningful community service, the CSS supports instruction and research in the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, and School of Education. In his role as Sponsored Programs Director, Dr. Moore supports faculty and staff as they search for and acquire public and private funding for research, scholarship and other programs. Before coming to the University of Redlands, Dr. Moore was CEO of Science Approach, a small business, and Executive Director of the Center for Image Processing in Education, a nonprofit company. Both organizations developed online lessons, e-books, and professional development programs that introduced middle school–college instructors and students to digital image analysis and geographic information systems as tools for self-guided research and discovery. During his career, Dr. Moore has served as Principal Investigator on 19 federally and privately funded science education projects that focused on using digital image analysis, geographic information systems, and other computer-based visualization technologies for student learning in grades 5-12 and college. Nine of these projects were funded by Small Business Innovative Research/Technology Transfer grants from the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Moore is a graduate of the National Institutes of Health Commercialization Assistance Program (NIH-CAP). A recently awarded NSF grant—Spatial STEM+C—is evaluating curricular materials designed to improve the spatial thinking, computational, and mathematical skills of K-5 students. In his free time, Dr. Moore plays trumpet in with community bands, is a flat-water kayaker, and enjoys life with his wife, Mary, and two children, Keegan and Claire.

Project Summary

This project is intended to contribute to the ongoing effort to reconstruct the history of Antigua to create increased awareness of its importance to the search for a national identity. Fundamental to this task is the need to capture and communicate this information in an accessible and appealing format to scholars, researchers, teachers and the general public.