Fieldwork Opportunities

Fieldwork provides you with hands-on experience and the chance to apply theory to practice across various settings, levels, and programs. On this page, you can access our current active partnership list and find potential fieldwork opportunities. Whether you are continuing in the field or preparing to advance, please review the information below on fieldwork partnership requirements and site supervisor qualifications.

While students requesting Pre-K-12 placements have their sites coordinated for them by the Office of Licensures and Credentialing, the process differs for students pursuing College-Level placements as they confirm their own placement.

Pre-K-12 Placements

The Office of Licensures and Credentialing will coordinate Pre-K-12 placements directly with school districts and charter school based on what you request each semster. 

While you are unable to coordinate a Pre-K-12 fieldwork placement on your own, you are welcome to connect with school counselors directly to learn about their sites prior to submitting your request for the next semester. If you make a connection with a particular school counselor, it is best to encourage them to contact their district representative to request to host a University of Redlands student as all fieldwork placements must be approved by the district.

College-Level Placements

If you are pursuing a college-level fieldwork placement, you are responsible for identifying and confirming your own site and site supervisor. During this process, you must ensure your identified site has a current partnership with the university (see active partnership list below). It important to be aware that college-level placements require advance coordinator and often involve an application process. You may reach out to community colleges, universities, and other institutions directly.

Prior to each semester, you will indicate to the Office of Licensures and Credentialing the college-level fieldwork site(s) you are pursuing. Once you confirm your own placement each semester, your site supervisor will need to submit the fieldwork site agreement form found under Fieldwork Documents & Forms.

Site Supervisor Qualifications

Site supervisors will be required to provide weekly supervision meetings and complete evaluations. In order to be qualified, your site supervisor is required to: 

  1. Hold a valid Pupil Personnel Services: School Counseling credential and have a minimum of 2 years of PPS experience as appropriate to the fieldwork setting (for Pre-K-12 settings only)
  2. Hold a master's degree in counseling or a related field
  3. Have a minimum of 2 years post-master's experience as a counselor
  4. Have worked at least one year in the school/site where the supervision will be conducted

Site Partnership Requirement

The University of Redlands must have a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with your fieldwork site before you can begin. Therefore, when identifying or requesting a fieldwork site, please identify whether the site is one of our current partnership by reviewing our active partnership list. 

If you are interested in a school, insitution, or organization not currently partnered with the university, please contact the Office of Licensures and Credentialing ( as soon as possible to request an MOU be established with the site. The process to establish a contractual agreement with a site not included on our active partnership list may take up to a 3-month period.