The fieldwork experience involves a focused examination of functional units, programs, offices, and departments in higher education and student affairs. It is your opportunity to examine in depth an area of interest that you intend to pursue or explore an interest that is new to you. During fieldwork, you are expected to participate in activities that provide the opportunity to experience what the professional and their unit does as a part of his or her work. 

Upon completion of the fieldwork practicum course, you will have:

  • demonstrated an understanding of a specific area(s) of higher education
  • engaged in professional practice in that area(s)
  • an ability to explain what is required by a professional working in the designated area(s)
  • an understanding of the entry points for employment in the professional area(s)
  • started discerning a sense of your own professional identity

During Fieldwork

Step 1: Submit the Fieldwork Agreement Signature Form

Submit a completed copy of the Fieldwork Agreement Signature Form to the

This form is to be completed in collaboration with your site mentor and should be submitted before the add/drop deadline.

Step 2: Initiate Your Student Evaluations

Have your site mentor complete a Student Evaluation midway and at the end of your fieldwork experience.

If you have multiple placements, you will need to complete a midway and final evaluation for each placement you have.

Step 3: Complete & Log 40 Hours of Fieldwork for Each Unit of Credit

Complete at least 40 hours of fieldwork for each unit of credit earned directed by your site mentor(s). During fieldwork, you must complete a time log of your experience (students often use an excel file which is signed by their site mentor and indicates what work they did).

For the 3 total credits required, you will need to complete at least 120 hours in the field. Some students choose to do substantially more hours of fieldwork to gain additional experience.

Finalizing Your Fieldwork Requirement

Submit the following documents to before the last day of the term:

  • Student evaluations
  • Signed fieldwork log(s)