Fieldwork Opportunities

The Office of Student Success assists students in identifying placement by providing information about various fieldwork openings. Students are expected to obtain a placement for the term in which they plan to enroll in EDUC 666 Higher Education Fieldwork. If you have any questions, please contact your advisor.

Workplace Fieldwork

Students will have the opportunity to complete 40 fieldwork hours (equivalent of 1 unit) of the 120 fieldwork hours (3 units) requirement at their place of employment. Workplace fieldwork hours must be intentional and provide students with sufficient learning opportunities that will facilitate the development of professional identity.

If you are interested in completing workplace hours, you will be required to submit a proposal for faculty review.

Workplace Fieldwork Requirements:

  • Successful completion of EDUC 607 Introduction to Higher Education and Student Affairs
  • Currently hold a full-time position at an accredited college or university that allows deep exploration and practical experiences in the student’s area of interest
  • Submit a Workplace Fieldwork Proposal before the deadline for faculty review
  • Have a site-mentor identified—mentors can be workplace supervisors or other higher education professionals within the institution. A site-mentor should be an individual that has the capacity to evaluate your work. 
  • Approval from your workplace supervisor

Workplace Fieldwork Deadlines:


Proposal Deadline

Faculty Review Period

Notifications sent on or before

Summer 2023


4/1/23 to 5/12/23