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The Educational Assessment Committee (EAC) has developed a short overview of assessment that we hope will be useful to faculty. Please download it using the link below.

Assessment Guide


A rubric is a tool to assist faculty in the evaluation of student work. By describing clearly the task expected, articulating the elements or dimensions the work should include, and defining the level of proficiency expected for each dimension, a rubric simplifies the evaluation process, increases consistency of evaluation across faculty, and permits more precise identification of the strengths and weaknesses of students. The following links are helpful resources to begin learning about rubric design.

General Resources:


Every degree program at the University of Redlands defines the expected learning outcomes for their program of study. Programs revising their outcomes should consult with the EAC. Some useful guidelines for developing outcomes may be found here. Program learning outcomes must be deemed by the EAC to be at or above the "emerging" level for the "Comprehensive List" and "Assessable Outcomes" standards of the WASC Program Learning Outcome Rubric.


Each degree program should create a map of all courses required to complete the degree demonstrating where learning outcomes are demonstrated by students at various levels of mastery. Curriculum maps, once completed, should be entered into Watermark Planning and Self-Study.

The EAC has produced the following documents for programs to use as they develop their curriculum maps:

Curriculum Map Template

If you need additional support or require review of your outcomes or curriculum map, please contact


The preferred solution for surveys is Qualtrics. The university has a subscription for this solution. You may obtain a log-in or training support by contacting We also recommend exploring Microsoft Forms for simple surveys.