University of Redlands

Institutional Research (IR)

What is IR?
Institutional Research is applied research of higher education institutions that supports both internal decision making and external inquiries. With more than 4,000 members, Association for Institutional Research (AIR) is the world's largest professional organization for institutional researchers.

What does IR do?
IR is an ART: Aggregation, Reduction, and Translation.

IR aggregates data and information from multiple sources to create a whole picture, reduces information noises and redundancy, analyzes relevant data to help reduce uncertainties in decision making, and translates insights from technical jargons to user-friendly messages that everyone can understand and share.

What does IR provide?
IR provides information and insights to address questions about the past, the present, and the future. More specifically, IR…

• Provides evidence-based decision support for strategic planning and institutional initiatives.

• Provides support for curricular and co-curricular assessment and educational effectiveness efforts.

• Works with faculty, administrators, and staff across the University conducting research, gathering data, and contributing to the activities of institutional assessment, program evaluation, retention studies, and student satisfaction and institutional effectiveness analysis.

• Serves as a resource for faculty, staff, and administrators, and provides support to assessment, retention, data users, and accreditation committees.

• Manages statistical reporting both internally and externally.

Who have access to the IR User Support Site (SharePoint)?

All U of R faculty and staff have access to the main IR site, where IR requests and timeline, institutional glossary, links to resources, Fact Books, and various data and reports are provided. There is also a list of project-specific subsites for groups of collaborators. Access to these IR subsites is not granted to all internal users and needs approval by the University Registrar. Third-party users and students do not have access to the IR User Support Site

How to submit a general inquiry?

All users may send a general question to

Eric Maczka 
University Registrar
Registrar's Office, University of Redlands
Administration Building, Suite 204A